Dear Colleagues,

Based on the extraordinary success of the first Conference, the Hungarian Biochemical Society (MBKE), the Hungarian Genetical Society (MAGE) and the Hungarian Association for Cell and Developmental Biology (SFBT) decided to organize the second event of the series, entitled

“Hungarian Molecular Life Sciences 2015”

in Eger, Hungary 27-29 March 2015.

Dear Colleagues,

 The Hungarian Biochemical Society (MBKE), the Hungarian Genetical Society (MAGE) and the Hungarian Association for Cell and Developmental Biology (SFBT) organize the second joint conference, entitled „Hungarian Molecular Life Sciences 2015”, in Eger, Hungary, March 27-29.  By organizing this event, our scientific societies are intent on maintaining the traditions of the first “Hungarian Molecular Life Sciences 2013” meeting of great success. Scientists are anticipated to attend the meeting from a broad range of institutions of higher education as well as from research institutes under the egis of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences or other governmental bodies. This large-scale meeting, adhering to the traditions of each association, concurrently will also constitute the XI. Hungarian Genetics Conference, the XVIII. Symposium of Cell and Developmental Biologists, and the forthcoming Convention 2015 of the Hungarian Biochemical Society. The goal of the conference is to establish a common forum for colleagues working in the fields of classic and molecular biochemistry, cell and structural biology, developmental biology, classic and molecular genetics, the molecular biology of human diseases, systems biology, synthetic biology, genomics and bioinformatics. We aim to organize a conference with a creative and friendly atmosphere, where former acquaintances are renewed and new collaborative partnerships are formed; a symposium of class and uniqueness.

The meeting will be held in the conference center of Hotel Eger-Park Eger, an ideal venue. It has been selected so that the lecture halls, the poster exhibition area and that of the company exhibitors shall be situated in one building, together with the restaurants and hotel rooms, providing ample room for professional discussions and recreational activities alike.

Hereby we kindly invite you to participate in Hungarian Molecular Life Sciences 2015. We count on your contribution to a scientific symposium of great atmosphere, elated and memorable, to a common mission for joint benefit. The official language of the Conference is English.

The congress is organized in collaboration with Diamond Congress Ltd. Their staff is happy to respond to questions you might have on organizational details.

On behalf of the organizers:

Prof. G. Beáta Vértessy   Dr. Miklós Erdélyi   Prof. Gábor Szabó
Dr. Lajos Haracska   Dr. Péter Kaló   Prof. Miklós Sass